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Type of Degree in Logistics

More often than not, HR departments are beginning to require a bachelors for positions that used to be fine with just an associates degree. Unfortunately, many of the schools that offer a degree in logistics don’t necessarily let you know this upfront. They know that many young students are excited to get it over with and join the workforce and are more likely to sign up for a two year plan.
There are many careers that you can get into with just a two year degree. However, logistics is not one of them. The ability to move raw materials and finished products around the country and perhaps the world is an extremely important function to nearly any business that sells products. They are increasingly aware of the complexities that come with this type of position and are now requiring more education and experience than ever before.
There was a time that you can start out at virtually any level within operations and find yourself as the logistics manager after a relatively short amount of time. These days are long since over and companies are treating logistics mangers with the same prestige that used to be reserved for finance, sales, and executive management. For this reason, if you are considering a career in logistics, be sure you get at least a bachelor’s degree, not just the AA.

Salary with a Degree in Logistics

With the increase in prestige that is now common place in many companies, the salary is on its way up as well. Your degree in logistics is often enough to get you an analyst level position with a starting salary around $35,000 – all the way up to $45,000 per year to start. This salary can quickly increase as you get more involved with the decision making processes as when you first start out you are likely to analyze and organize data, not necessarily make any decisions.
When you get to the senior analyst level, your salary can increase all the way up to the high fifties. Mangers can often earn a salary of nearly $85,000 with just a bachelor’s degree in logistics and maybe five years of experience. From there, there are director positions and higher. At each step, you would expect your salary to rise as well.
The great thing about logistics is there is no ceiling. You can reach the COO level and even the CEO level is not out of the question if you add the right mix of experience to your degree.
To summarize, this is one of the best education paths people can get into now. The demand will always be there until the end of time, and the need for qualified people has never been so apparent. Senior manger are realizing that their products can be moved around more efficiently and cheaper, this has really spurred growth in the field and the more educated among us are making the most out of it. If you are thinking about a degree in logistics, I strongly recommend the minimum of a bachelor’s and you should also shoot for a top notch school.